Tuesday, September 8, 2009


God himself created this beautiful World,i.e ., many creatures,nature ,plant's,animal's and men ,but he was not satisfied. finally he created a beautiful women.Every poet hand tends to describe the beauty of Women in many ways .Finally universal truth is "Women is beauty and beauty is women".Women herself gives much importance for her physical appearence right from the ancient times.They usually used natural herbs for the purpose of beauty,oil's were extracted from flowers which were used as natural fragrance,lipstic's were made from the plant barks and fruits,hand's were decorated with natural tatto's of henna leaves,kajal was been extracted from burnt grease of oil,body scrub was made from petals of flowers and fruit skin.Turmeric was used as a body pack,Like this they completely utilised natural extracts of plants which was not harm ful to the body.And it even improved the skin colour by using these extracts.

Ayurveda is one of the important veda which helped human being a lot,the main theme of this veda is using the exclusive benefits of plants and were used as medicines,beauty improvement,healing and curing of various pains and diseases.Thus INDIA IS GREAT FOR ITS HERBAL HERITAGE"

One more important thing to remember is there was always a specific meaning for the use of each and every herbal product.for example turmeric is antibiotic,and also helps to avoid unwanted hair growth.So ancient women applied it as a body pack .THUS THERE WAS ALWAYS A REASON BEYOND USING A HERBAL PRODUCT

So friends that's the greatness of our Mother India,so I think that you understood the secret behind the beauty of ancients Women .The main idea of posting this article is to utilize the plant products to improve the beauty physically and mentally.May be you all know these words "The beauty of women determines her self confidence"

I think this guide will help you all ,to guide your self at your home.

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