Tuesday, October 6, 2009


  1. If you r non vegetarians eat tuna fish which has omega-3 fatty acids,it helps in reducing cholesterol ,and helps in increase of disease resistance power,reduces leptic harmone(if this quantity is more then fat content will be more).Cook this fish by grilling and steaming method
  2. CITRUS FAMILY FRUITS: grapes,lemon,orange,guava, tomato has got lot of Fibre content and Vitamin C.C vitamin releases amino acids or cornitise(regulates in fast melting of fats in the body)
  3. LEAFY VEGETABLES:Spinach, asparagus, broccoli gives less calories to body
  4. OATS: It balances insulin,and sugar in the blood.Add oats to skimmed milk and eat
  5. ALMONDS AND WALNUTS:Soak almonds in water over night and eat in the morning
  6. SKIMMED MILK PRODUCTS:these has got lot of calcium,so if more calcium in the body ,less is the fat
  7. SEEDS:like jowar ,millet's has got lot of carbohydrates,slowly digests and release glucose in the body.With this their is control of sugars in the body.Also has Vitamin B and fibre content
  8. Eat beans daily
  9. Eat apple every day

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