Friday, February 5, 2010


hi friends we know all that NAIL ART became very fashion now a days.Tried some styles at home using my own creativity,just you should follow all these steps,to create your nails at home,and can reveal your art to others,and make others surprise.
  1. Buy top coat nail polish,basecoat nail polish and few colours like black,white and some shining colours.In your collection glitter nail polish like silver and gold is compulsory)
  2. Other things you need is tooth pick(instead of a dotting tool),nail polish remover and nail polish thinner,fine artistic brush(or you can use Ur eye liner brush),cotton balls,cotton swabs,Small glass bowl .
  3. You can use Glitter powder to make high light during parties.
  4. Always use dark colours to make flowers on the nail
  5. For making American Nails you have to buy Nail colour polish and a white polish
  6. Don't use artificial nails,just you create your own designs and maintain natural nails
  7. I Think you all know that in India for the infants we use designed aluminum metal sticks(stamps), to put as bottu/sticker.The same thing you can use for creating designs on the nails.I think this works better.Instead we need not buy the stamps.
  8. Always use toes separator while applying nail polish or else you can put cotton

Hope these would benefit this tips,so create your own designs and enjoy.

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