Monday, April 12, 2010


  1. Cover the hot water container with news paper ,to last heat in the water for long time
  2. To stop curdling of milk during summer time,add mint leaves to the milk
  3. Or you can also sprinkle some cardamom powder
  4. While making ghee from butter add a small piece of potato,it gives nice aroma for the ghee
  5. To cook chicken softly add pinch of mustard powder or use pinch of baking soda,only one of these
  6. Storing mushrooms in paper bag helps to keep them fresh for long time
  7. To stop excess formation of ice in the freezer,sprinkle salt over the area
  8. To keep the ghee fresh for long time during summers add some jaggery piece to the ghee
  9. If steel vessels are over burned ,rub with salt and wash it off
  10. After chopping apple ,soak them in salt water
  11. To stop fungal growth over the mango pickle sprinkle jaggery powder over the surface
  12. If gulab jamoon are not puffed up properly,place them in cooker along with the syrup,and boil for 10 minutes
  13. To cook potato faster,place them in water for 1/2 hour and then pressure cook them
  14. To get soft puri,mix the flour with milk and make dough
  15. Sprinkle some salt on tawa and pour omelet mixture,it helps to flip the omelet easily
  16. Apply oil to ur hands and chop the plantains,then the hands will not turn to black color
  17. To boil dals and peas fast add little baking soda to it
  18. Sprinkle sugar immediately after making custard,then the layer will not be formed o the top
  19. Place onions in the fridge for 1 hour and then chop,it helps to stop the tears running from ur eyes
  20. Add corn starch diluted in water to ur gravies,it helps to give thickness
  21. If you like to boil veggies,use small amount of waterr and donot overboil to retain the nutrients

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