Wednesday, September 9, 2009


physical appearance can be easily determined by the out fit i.e., the clothes we wear,every one has some dreams for their dress sense and physical appearance but we don't no which one suites us better.Please follow these ideas and make perfection in your beauty and appearance.

  1. First thing is pick the perfect color which matches to your skin colour
  2. Open collar shirts suites better for deep and short necked women, then can use long length jeweleries
  3. Stitched clothes suites better ,so go to tailor and give measurements every time when you buy a new dress material(because body changes from time to time)
  4. Medium physique girls look more beautiful in light weight chiffon clothes,and wear long stripped design clothes
  5. For slim physique cotton clothes and stiff clothes looks good
  6. Fat women look good in deep necked dresses,single step is better while wearing Saree,wear kurthees instead of T-shirts,and simple designed dresses,and avoid using broad necked dresses
  7. Wear high heals when ever you are in a Saree
  8. Wear tight dresses after delivery,it makes your stomach will be fit and shows your physique neatly

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