Monday, October 26, 2009


  • When you get bad odor from under arms ,mix 1/4Th teaspoon of soda with water and sprinkle in arms.Apply regularly
  • If your teeth are yellow,add soda in tooth paste and brush ,teeth will shine
  • to avoid bad odor from mouth,mix 2 teaspoons of soda in a glass of water and wash your mouth daily with this water
  • If the clothes has grease mark apply soda and wash,the marks will be gone
  • To remove stains from mirror,make a paste of soda with some water then clean the mirror with a cloth
  • Add 1 teaspoon of soda to a bucket of water and take bath,it avoids skin problems
  • Sprinkle soda at the corners of the rooms to keep away cockroaches,fies and ants
  • To keep flowers fresh for longer time,add soda to the flower vase
  • Soak socks in soda mixed water and then wash,it will remove bad odor from socks
  • To remove stains from wooden furniture,mix soda in a mug of water,dip a cloth in this water and rub over the furniture,it will remove stains
  • To get puffy omlet's add a pinch of soda
  • To make crispy fritters add a pinch of soda

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